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POP3 Mailbox Pricing Changes from 1st December 2016
Posted by James Ormerod on 02 November 2016 12:31 PM

From 1st December 2016, Vispa will be changing the price for POP3/IMAP email accounts from £10 per year to £30 per year.

Please note that this charge only applies to customers that no loinger use a Vispa broadband line and wish to retain their Vispa email account.

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Newton Internet Outage
Posted by Derek Ainger on 28 October 2016 09:55 AM

Due to maintenance by Electricity North West, the repeater used to bring service to the Newton area is down.

Once Electricity North West completes their work, we expect it to be completed around 1pm, the network will come back online, and your antenna should automatically connect, along with your router.

If, after 1pm, you do not have an internet connection, disconnect the power to both your router and PoE power brick, then reconnect.

If you still have no connection after doing this please let us know by either calling 0330 088 5800 or email

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Level 3 Transit Issue (resolved)
Posted by Derek Ainger on 01 October 2016 11:38 AM

We have identified an issue with Level 3 transit on the Manchester bearer.

This problem is affecting our internet services, which will mean some customer's will experience problems such as:

Certain webpages not loading

No webpages loading at all

We have now shut down traffic over Level 3, and sent all traffic over another IP Transit provider. This will allow normal service to resume, and we will automatically return service over Level 3, once the outage is resolved.

If you are noticing problems, please restart your equpment and retest.

If there are still problems after this please email

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Beware of scam/phishing emails
Posted by Derek Ainger on 30 August 2016 03:35 PM

Beware of emails asking you to verify your password, or to reply/follow links to confirm your email is correct.

Vispa will never email you, asking to confirm your password or ask you to follow any links to confirm your email address.


Always check that the return address is a Vispa email address ( / / etc.)

One such email received was from an email address ending in!



Attn: Upgrading MailBox in Progress Verify Password



Verify Your Mailbox

Dear Your mailbox has exceeded its mail-quota and due for upgrade. 
You can upgrade to extra 15GB plan now. Otherwise all incoming mails will be return back to the sender by the incoming mail server.

Upgrade your Mailbox Now

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Major BT Wholesale Service Outage (resolved)
Posted by Derek Ainger on 21 July 2016 09:05 AM

We have been made aware of issues on the BT Wholesale network.

We believe the current outage affecting BT based connections (FTTC/ADSL) is linked to a power failure at Telehouse North (London). There is no ETA as of yet.


We do not believe this to be affecting our LLU based connections


Our City Wireless services remain unaffected


UPDATE 10:15


The problem WITH BT Wholesale platform is a power outage affecting the 3rd floor of Telehouse North where BT are located. Engineers are working on this as a top priority and we hope to see a resolution shortly.


UPDATE 10:27


Sessions are starting to be restored. A router reboot may be required to force a re-attempt to authenticate.


UPDATE 13:00


Outage resolved.

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